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Guest Author: Georgiana Louis

Sarah’s Duke by Georgiana Louis
Sexy Regency Novel from Steam e Reads

Sarah Collins is a vicar’s daughter from Somerset and she has one goal for her Season in London—to find a husband that can provide for her and her family. She doesn’t need a great fortune or a title, she would actually prefer not to have to go into London ever again. She has little to offer other than her beauty and a pleasant temperament, but she is hoping that will be enough to secure her a man who will be kind to her.

Oliver Lyre is the newly inherited Duke of Lincoln. Born as the spare son, he never expected to inherit his father’s mantle, and has neither the skills nor the desire to enjoy the benefits of his rank. He knows that he must marry a lady befitting of the position, but when he rescues the beautiful Sarah Collins one night, he can’t imagine living without her lovely smile in his life.

Should he marry the delectably sweet virgin who would undoubtedly make a horrible Duchess, or do what duty demands of him?

Sarah bit her lip and appeared thoughtful for a moment.
“I don’t believe you can fall in love in just two weeks. But passion, yes, I have found that.”
Pure rage filled Oliver. Red clouded his vision as his temperature rose and sweat drops popped out on his upper lip.
“Passion? You have found passion with him?” He advanced on Sarah like a lion circling his prey. His shoulders ached as he flexed and stretched his muscles.
Sarah nodded and Oliver growled, pulling her into his arms. The need to stake his claim on her undeniable as his fingers wrapped around her tiny waist.
“Like the passion you have found with me?” He ducked his head and ran his lips down her smooth throat.
Sarah gasped but leaned into him. “That is not fair to say to me. You do not want to marry me.”
Oliver chuckled against her skin. “I would if I could,” he pressed his lips to the spot beneath her ear and inhaled the sweet scent of rose petals.
“Pardon?” Sarah shrieked, pushing hard against his chest.
“Sarah, you have no idea how much I want you,” Oliver admitted, rolling his hips against her which caused his prick to harden and throb.
“You want to seduce me, you do not wish to marry me.” Sarah went to pull away again, struggling harder but Oliver held her tighter. He had to make her understand.
“I would never seduce you. I would marry you in a heartbeat if I wasn’t a Duke.” Oliver murmured beneath her ear.
Sarah laughed again, with so much bitterness and anger that when she tried to pull away he had to let her go.
“What do you call this then?” She motioned angrily to their surroundings with flicking hands. “Is this the part where you offer to make me your mistress instead? Or do you already have one like most men of rank do?”
The jealousy in her tone and disgust at the subject was obvious in her face.
“I would never insult you with such an offer.”
Sarah’s eyebrows rose high in silent question.
“And no I don’t have one.” He couldn’t believe she had asked him such a question.
“Well my lord... I’m sorry... Your Grace, from what I have learnt in the past few weeks it would be very unusual for you not to have one, and insulting in the extreme for you to say that you would marry me if you could.”
“I’m not lying, I have never had a mistress, but I am aware that most men do. And I was speaking the truth, I would marry you in an instant if I had met you two years ago.”
She had to believe him, he was telling the truth.
“What’s different now?”
“Everything.” Oliver said, turning away from her. Memories bombarded him, cold sliding over his spine and skin.
“My father once told me that I was born because he needed a spare, but he had no real reason to need one. He had actually wished for a daughter the night I was born. In ten generations the Dukedom has always passed from first son to first son. I am the only second son to inherit in my family, and my mother has spent my life telling me I wasn’t needed... or really wanted.”
“Oh, Oliver,” Sarah reached out her hand to touch his shoulder, the effect like throwing a small stone into a still pond. The ripples cascading out in increasingly large waves.
With a frustrated roar Oliver grabbed her and spun, pinning her up against the wall. His hands landed on either side of her and he stared down into the liquid violet eyes that haunted his dreams.
“You will never know how much I burn for you, only you.”
“Show me,” she whispered, placing her small hands against his chest.
Oliver moaned and swooped down for a kiss, plundering her warm mouth with his tongue, all restraint gone. His hands curved around her slight body and he moved to her breast, kneading and stroking the soft, abundant flesh through the silk of her dress.
She was like liquid heat in his arms, pressing against him and making soft, mewling noises that made his blood boil. He slid his other hand down to her rounded bottom and pulled her snugly into him. She fitted so perfectly that he couldn’t help imagining how easily she’d take him into her body. 
Sarah threw her arms around his neck and Oliver groaned against her lips. He pulled back and stared down at her. He had to get closer. His lifted his arms and reached for the ribbons on her dress. He unfastened her bodice and soon he had a plump breast free. It was creamy in the candle light, the erect little nipple a beautiful dusky pink.
“Oliver, you shouldn’t...are you sure...”

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